Rangefinding Binoculars: The Best of Both Worlds

rangefinding binocularsRangefinding binoculars are amazing inventions as it actually doubles as a regular binocular used for viewing distant subjects and as a measuring device to give precise measure of the object’s distance with its built-in laser or reticle rangefinder. Giving the user the best of both worlds, owning rangefinding binoculars mean golfer, hunters and shooters need not carry multiple devices to view distant objects and other one for measuring the distance.

Rangefinding Binoculars as 2-in-1 devices

Since this kind of binoculars gives the user the best of both worlds, one will have more room for other gears. Aside from comfortability and convenience, using a rangefinding binocular also guarantees that the distance you will be getting is precise as you are looking at the object you are targeting while the distance is being measured by the laser. Whereas if you will be using a separate binocular and switch to a rangefinder the moment you have eyed on your target, you will not be certain if your target has moved or if you are measuring the same object that you were looking at right before you switched devices.

rangefinding binocularsRangefinding binoculars have been around for at least fifteen years. Leica and Zeiss were the very first one who has come up with these devices and at that time, rangefinding binoculars are bulky and weigh a ton. However, it was still widely used and accepted warmly by hunters, shooters and golfers because of great glass and optics that it carries. In addition, since this device is a marriage or a hybrid between a rangefinder and a binocular, many users have preferred to invest in it despite its large amount since it is very useful and efficient in multi-tasking.

A Few Popular Brands of Rangefinding Binoculars

Here are some of the most widely used rangefinding binocular brands used by hunters and shooters worldwide:

• Leica Geovid Rangefinding Binoculars – Being one of the very first companies to have come up with this kind of binoculars, Leica undeniably holds the throne among rangefinding binoculars . As they created this line of optical frontiers, they included a set of to-die-for features such as a sharp, efficient and groundbreaking glass technology, lightweight and compactness, and an optic system that can range for 1000 meters of distance. This is housed in a die cast alloy that has a superb magnification and diameter, field of view, twilight factor, exit pupil, and eye relief.

rangefinding binoculars• Carl Zeiss Rangefinding Binoculars – Known as the strongest competitor to the Leica Geovid rangefinding binoculars, Zeiss has joined in the competition of creating binoculars with rangefinding abilities. Users salute this brand with its faster-than-a-speeding-bullet speed and a Ballistic Information System that provides the precise calculation on the distance measured and the load trajectory that the users have pre-selected. The BIS has six programs and the calculator is sophisticated enough to choose both a ballistic curve and a sight-in distance which allows a user to make use of both settings on a conventional 100-200 yard zeroes.

• Swarovski Optik El Range Rangefinding Binoculars – This brand engineers an elite line of rangefinding binoculars featured with an optics with crystal clear vision, ergonomics where every experience turns into a memory, individual configuration for setup, a high-quality measuring ability, outstanding display options and intuitive handling, a precise hit all the time. For more useful articles on rangefinding binoculars please browse through http://box2119.temp.domains/~tensnet/binocularstobuy.com/rangefinding-binoculars/ .