Best binoculars For Kids

How to choose the Best binoculars For Kids?

One of my best memories of camping and hiking was my first view of the wild animals and tree covered mountains through a quality pair of binoculars.  Even though I was too young to appreciate the technology behind it, I was hooked.  My parents bought me a one of the best binoculars for kids to me as my first pair of binoculars, and I never looked back.

Because of my pleasant memories of my first binoculars when I was a kid, I strongly recommend that parents explore the same interests with their children.  And this means that kids should have access to their very own pair of binoculars for children.  Without a doubt, one of the bet ways to fire up a child’s imagination is to encourage them to explore nature and their surroundings to encourage a sense of wonder of the world around them.  The options for learning and experience are endless, such as learning about nature, animals, birds, and how to enjoy being surrounded by nature.  Hiking, camping and simply observing the natural elements are all experiences that can be enhanced with the best binoculars for kids.

What are the features of the best binoculars for kids?

The best binoculars for kids will open up a whole new experience of the natural elements such as the trees, the mountains, and the animals that we love.   The best binoculars for kids needs to be relatively easy to use, and tough enough to handle a some tough treatment.  The thing is that most kids have a short attention span, which is okay, but any binoculars for children must be able to get their attention fast.  This means that any kids binoculars needs to be easy to point and focus.

The best binoculars for children needs to be robust!

It is a fact of life that kids may not look after a pair of binoculars properly, and that is okay.  The point is that the best binoculars for kids must be robust enough to handle a few bumps without ruining the optical image.  Also, the shoulder strap needs to be robust also because if the kids binoculars are not comfortable to carry around, then children may stop using the binoculars.

Don’t buy the cheapest binoculars for children

The problem with choosing the best binoculars for kids is that the toy binoculars that are labelled as children’s binoculars, are actually only good as toys.  They will only bring disappointment for your kids, and this is not a good introduction to the wonders of the environment.  What we have tried to do in this review of the best binoculars for kids is to choose quality binoculars for beginners that are suitable for children.

We need to consider value for money when purchasing binoculars for children.  If we buy the cheapest kids binoculars, but then find it too heavy for them, then it may not get used much.  If you spend a little more to buy the best binoculars for kids, you will find that they love using them all the time.  For example, if they have fun using it for day time viewing of animals and the world around them, as well as for viewing the moon at night, then that sounds like much better value for money.  You might like to think about getting a telescope for kids also!  The fun and enjoyment that your children will get from using the best binoculars for kids will pay itself back many times over!

Best binoculars for kids review:

We have prepared a guide of the best binoculars for kids review checklist.  We have checked out a range of factors that might help you find the ideal binoculars for children, in terms of cost, reliability, ease of use, and all round suitability for kids introduction to nature.

Best binoculars for kids

If you genuinely want to give your children an appreciation for nature, and to learn to observe the world around them, then the secret is to buy the best binoculars for kids.  And as kids come to appreciate looking for birds and animals, then toy binoculars just will not do the job any longer!  Neither will using a cheap telescope!

There comes a time when you need to upgrade to the best binoculars for kids, but knowing what is good quality, and which binoculars are worth the money can be a difficult question.  Despite the advertising, binoculars that are labelled as “children’s binoculars” are probably more likely to be toy binoculars, that do not actually have proper magnifying optics inside at all.  If you wouldn’t use them, then chances are that your kids won’t use these children’s binoculars either!  And in fact these toy binoculars are actually a waste of money.

Why not check out some of the best binoculars for kids reviews that we have prepared for you, so that you can make an informed choice, depending on the age of your children, and what applications they want to use the binoculars for.  We have reviewed a list of the best binoculars for kids, including the features that are on offer.

Best binoculars for kids

1. Levenhuk Rainbow

binoculars are adjustable

Best binoculars for kids
One of the best features of the Levenhuk rainbows is that the fantastic design allows these binoculars to fold away into a very compact package.  The binoculars are based around a double hinge which means they can be opened out as wide as comfortable depending on the age of the child.  This is important as little faces can sometimes be ignored by the larger binoculars companies.  Younger children need to use binoculars that can be tailored for the size of their face, and the Levenhuk rainbows are the best binoculars for kids of all different ages because they are adjustable.

Levenhuk Rainbows are the best Binoculars for kids

Levenhuk Rainbows are the best Binoculars for kids
When they are no longer needed, these binoculars can simply be folded away into a neat compact package that children can handle with ease.  Another handy feature is that the eye cups are also adjustable, depending on the age of the child.  This is a very handy feature, which makes these binoculars suitable for children of all ages.

Which colors would your child prefer?Levenhuk Rainbows are the best Binoculars for kids

The great thing about Levenhuk rainbows is that there is a range of colors to suit everyone, such as Snow, Orange, Lime, Yellow, Blue, Amethyst, and Red.  As you can see there is something to suit everyone.

The Verdict:  Best Binoculars for kids

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Levenhuk rainbow binoculars are toys.  These are genuinely one of the best binoculars for kids, as they offer excellent optical performance, yet are small, robust and waterproof.

2.  Bresser 6×21 Junior Compact Binoculars

Bresser Best binoculars for kids
Bresser Junior Compact Binoculars are another brand of binoculars suitable for children.  Although they are small and compact, the Bresser Junior offers a very handy 6 times magnification, with a 21 mm objective lens.  Although this is a comparatively small pair of binoculars, they are made with full coated optical glass components, which provide excellent clear images.

Bresser junior are made to be the best binoculars for kids

Bresser Best binoculars for kids
The Bresser junior binoculars are made for kids, but they are not made to be toys.  In fact, Bresser offer a 5 year warranty on their product, so they have not skimped anything on the design and manufacture of these best binoculars for kids.  The casing of these binoculars has been covered in a protective rubberized coating which prevents scratches and dents, but it also makes the instrument easier to hold on to, to try to reduce drops and bumps.

Bresser Best binoculars for kids
Verdict: Bresser Best binoculars for kids

Bresser have designed a pair of binoculars that are especially suited for use by kids, and have made these best binoculars for kids to be robust and sturdy, yet colorful and attractive so that kids will always love to use them.  That is what places these binoculars high on our list of the best binoculars for kids.


3.  Opticron Compact Binoculars

The Opticron range of binoculars have a variety of excellent features that are tailor made for children of all ages, and for those with an enquiring mind.  Opticron binoculars are compact yet functional binoculars suitable for children as well as hikers or campers who need a compact and robust design.

That is why we recommend the Opticron binoculars as the best binoculars for kids, but in reality, they are suitable for many other applications as well.

4. The Opticron Savanna R 8 x 33 binoculars

The Opticron Savanna binoculars are not toy binoculars with a very handy 8 times magnification level, and a nice wide 33 mm objective lens.  These binoculars are excellent for kids, as they provide good magnification, as well as a nice wide field of view which makes it easier to lock on and track a moving target.

These cone highly rated as the best binoculars for kids because they are very affordable, easy to use, and look great so that all kids will love to use them!

The Opticron Savanna are also extremely functional as they have a nicely designed aluminum and poly carbonate casing which provides more than enough protection from the roughest handling.  These aerodynamic materials provide an excellent waterproof housing to protect the high quality optical components on the inside.

Verdict – Opticron Savanna R 8 x 33 binoculars

All in all, a great package, and very suitable for children because the will simply love to use them whenever the viewing opportunity arises.


5.  Opticron Discovery binoculars

Another versatile and mid range pair of binoculars from the Opticron range, the Discovery is also a suitable pair of binoculars for children to use.  The Discovery binoculars are a mid range pair of binoculars with 8 times magnification factor, and a 32 mm objective lens.  These binoculars offer and excellent clear and sharp image, with a nice wide field of view.

Opticron Discovery binoculars suitable for children to use

The Opticron Discovery can made to fold up into a very compact package, and because they are lightweight and small they are ideal binoculars for children to use. But in actual fact, these are serious binoculars in the higher price range which are intended for use by hikers or campers for whom space and weight have to be minimized.

The Verdict: Opticron Discovery compact binoculars

The Opticron Discovery can be the best binoculars for kids, but they are also high quality binoculars suitable for all ages of outdoor enthusiasts.


The best Binoculars for Kids

What Features should we look for in the best binoculars for kids?  Obviously, magnification is the most obvious feature when discussing binoculars.  However, the best binoculars for kids don’t necessarily have to offer the most powerful magnification.  That is because it comes with an overhead of additional size and weight, which can make binoculars too heavy fro children to use.  Trust me, there are some mighty binoculars on the market that are too heavy for most adults to use, and these require a tripod to make them usable.

So magnification is an important factor when choosing the best binoculars for kids, but not the only consideration!  Field of view is also relevant to make binoculars easy for children to use.  A nice wide field of view provides an easy to see images, which is easier to keep in view and easier to keep in sharp focus.  The field of view is a usability feature which adds to the user experience, and that is very important for the best binoculars for kids.

Compact binoculars for kids

Take note that as a general rule, the higher the magnification, the narrower the field of view, so these contrasting features need to be traded off against each other when considering the best binoculars for kids.

Related to these factors is the size and weight of the binoculars.  The biggest benefit in owning a pair of binoculars is accessibility.  Say you own an excellent pair of high magnification binoculars, which never get used outdoors, then the problem is that you may miss a whole range of opportunities.  For example, if you like to take your children hiking or camping, it is most likely that there will be opportunities for observations of nature and animals.  These are those moments when you need a pair of binoculars handy!  These opportunities that would be enhanced with the best binoculars for kids, if they are small and compact enough to take hiking with you, so that you could use them at any time.

Price for the Best Binoculars for kids

The price you are willing to pay is always up to you, but the best binoculars for kids should be light, compact and easy to use, yet still provide excellent optical quality to keep your kids interested!  Don’t buy the cheapest toy binoculars as that is simply a waste of money.

CONCLUSION – The Best Binoculars for kids

The best binoculars for kids need to be sturdy and have decent magnification power.  It is very easy to find a pair of children’s binoculars that are affordable if you look around some of the options we have presented in the best binoculars for kids review.  Each of these binoculars can be purchased for around $200 or less, so it will not break the bank.  We strongly recommend that you do not go for a pair of toy binoculars, because even if these are rated as suitable for kids binoculars, they tend to be poor quality, and get broken easily, which is simply a waste of money.

A better option is to select a pair of binoculars that will whet the appetite of your children and allow them to have a window into the wonders of the environment and the world outside the door.  If you think back to your own first experience with nature and animals, then you will recall the feeling of learning and exploration.  You owe it to your children to make their first binoculars experience a worthwhile and exciting experience.